The Feminist Pencil – 2 // Феминистский карандаш -2

The Feminist Pencil – 2 exhibition of women’s social graphics, will open on October, 23, at 7 p. m., at the ArtPlay design center. The show is part of the MediaImpact festival, a side project of the 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. The show has two curators: artist Victoria Lomasko and art historian Nadia Plungian.

The Feminist Pencil started as an annual project last year when the word ‛feminism’ put on a poster was considered a great risk. The first show gathered just six artists; more would have been impossible due to lack of space and funds.

This year everything is different: the FP includes 35 participants from all over Russia, namely the cities of Kazan, Omsk, Izhevsk, Saint-Petersburg, Grozny, Novosibirsk etc. Feminists from other countries joined as well: France, Germany, Ukraine, Belarus and Sweden. They focus on a large variety of subjects related to women’s rights, and those are general feminist issues (housework, abortion and motherhood, children’s rights and hierarchies within the family, women’s relationships with one another, ‛male’ jobs) as well as more specific topics (disability, forced psychiatric treatment, domestic violence, poverty and discrimination of old people, the life of migrant women).

The show will exhibit a wide range of graphic genres: urban stencils, posters, comics, graphic stories, authors’ books, stickers.

The show is not only conceived as the largest platform for feminists who draw, but also as an educational project. Every day from the 24th till the 27th of October, the Feminist Pencil – 2 will house workshops on comics- and stencil-making, talks and discussions on artistic and advocacy topics. Among them are ways of development of social graphics, attitudes towards women in contemporary art, feminist activism, establishing contact between artists across Russia’s regions and the post-Soviet space, and other strategies of solidarity.

Admission is free!

See the schedule of events at the MediaImpact festival website — The show will be open till November, 6.

Be advised: the Feminist Pencil – 2 is taking place in ArtPlay’s only purple building!

Our address is: building 7, Small Hall, 1st floor.


Feminist Pencil : Bettina, Ilmira Bolotyan , Oksana Bryukhovetskaya, Irina Vasilyeva , Natalia Vasyutina , the GANDHI crew, Alexandra Gart , Gluklya / Natalia Pershyna – Yakimanskaya , Nika Dubrovskaja, the ZHENA crew, Anna Zvyagintseva, ZuliF, Alevtina Kakhidze, Alexandra Kachko (Zoa Art), Koivo, Alina Kopitsa, Lydia Korovkina, Helena Laukkanen, Lilli Loge, Victoria Lomasko, Mannaya Kasha, Maria Ivanova, Mika Ela, Marina Naprushkina, Emma Narhova, Polina Petrushina, Julia Reznikova, Anna Repina, Yana Smetanina, Asya Umarova, Umnaya Masha, Tatiana Faskhutdinova, Hagra, Lena Hades, Elke Steiner



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