“T” as total resistance // 16.01.2015, SIZ Gallery, Rijeka

Exhibition opening is on Friday 16th of January 2015 at 7pm and the exhibition will be open to public until 7th of February 2015.
Working hours: mon – sat 10am – 1pm and 5 – 8pm

Marina Naprushkina is an artist and activist. Her work is focused on the political propaganda machine of the Republic of Belarus as well as on the mechanisms of political propaganda in general.

Naprushkina creates her work under the umbrella of the Office for Anti-Propaganda, which she founded in 2007. The Office for Anti-Propaganda is not just an artistic project but also a player in the “real world”. The activities of the “Office” are taking place outside the white cube. The „Office” participates and organizes political actions, publishes newspapers such as “Convincing victory” and “Self#governing” which are distributed in Belarus and the world.
In the exhibition in SIZ, Naprushkina is showing the publications of the “Office for Anti-Propaganda”, presenting some older work as well the latest piece. Naprushkina is focusing on the idea of resistance: from the silent protest, civil disobedience to the real partisan war.

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