self#governing III, April 2012, by The Office for Anti-Propaganda

The hand-drawn newspaper called Self # governing, an oversized offset publication distributed both internationally, and clandestinely in Belarus with assistance from the NGO “Nash Dom”. Using a minimum of text the newspaper focused on such issues as “self-governing,” and women’s plight within the patriarchal system of government institutionalized in the country. With 60,000 copies printed in Russian and an English version of the newspaper as well, Naprushkina hopes to reach audiences inside and outside Belarus including students, NGOs, and other policymakers. In light of the recent wave of protest and resistance across the globe, Self # governing can be read – and used – as a guide for daring to think about political alternatives worldwide.
Вышел второй номер газеты “Беларуское самоуправление”
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