#Take The Square


Ствары парк! 
Сумесная праца дзеля супольнасцi

Транснацыянальны фестываль ландшафтнага дызайну

З 17 па 21 чэрвеня ўдзельніцы і ўдзельнікі з Беларусі, Украіны, Польшчы і іншых краін закладуць новы парк у Любліне. Мы запрашаем усіх жадаючых прыйсці і паўдзельнічаць у стварэнні парка. Афіцыйнае адкрыццё парку адбудзецца 21 чэрвеня.

Адрас: Участак на скрыжаванні вуліц Krakowskie Przedmieście і Ewangelicka

Transnational Gardening Festival

June 17.-21. the participants from Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and other countries will work together to create a new park for Lublin. We invite everyone to take part in the creation of the park and to join the common work! The official opening of the park will take place on June 21st

During the week, we, people from Luhansk, Hrodna region, Minsk, Berlin Warsaw and Lublin live and work together. During the week we create a public space, a new park for Lublin.

We believe that through self-organization and common work, we can regain the communication and collaboration that is not based on hiring and exploitation. Voluntary collective action can be an answer to a policy of disengagement and commercialization of human relations.

We see our work as a political and also artistic action to overcome sociopolitical and cultural boundaries. Not only the result is important for us but the process itself: the development of a common idea, its implementation at the place, the time spent together on work and living.

If the city belongs to its people we have to decide how it should be organized.

We return from Lublin with new experiences and knowledge and we are looking forward to applying it in our home-cities.

Alevtyna Sokhina, Olha Hutsalo, Anastasiia Huzenko, Anhelina Razinkova, Andrii Romanenko, Artem Kolosov, Vladimir Oros, Veranika Shchurouskaya, Volha Pachykouskaya, Valiantsina Markewich, Tamara Kazlouskaya, Tatsiana Keznun, Maryia Zenkevich, Liudmila Hradzitskaya, Iryna Artmoshyna, Hellena Bykova, Katja Iwanowskaja, Sylwia Handzik, Natalia Manaуenkova, Alla Shitikava, Jeanna Kroemer, Igor Znyk, Darja Lis, Aleg Lis, Tamara Lis, Marina Naprushkina, Pawel Althamer and other.

The festival is a part of the project: Lublin / Open City 2013 
Curator Anda Rotenberg

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