Let’s get ready for the 19th of December!

версия на русском языке внизу

19th of December 2012 will be the second anniversary of the clampdown on peaceful post-election protests in Minsk. Until this very moment several political prisoners still remain behind bars in Belarusian prisons and penal institutions. We are publishing 12 drawn portraits (based on a list by the renowned human rights center “Viasna”) with the hope that they will be useful for solidarity actions on the 19th of December this year. Below you will find several examples on how to use the portraits to express your solidarity with the prisoners and their families.

Using the links below you will find the portraits with the names of the prisoners in English and a short text describing the case: the date of arrest, the sentence and the address for sending letters and postcards. With the second set of links you can download the Belarusian versions of the portraits.

Belarusian PDF
— Belarusian JPG

How to use the portraits:
-- attach the portraits to branches of low hanging bushes in the area where you live, or decorate the trees before Belarusian embassies

-- attach to your clothes during demonstrations
-- stick them to walls and black boards
-- attach them to trunks of trees
If you cannot go out into public space, take a picture of the portraits at home, or with you and a portrait of a prisoner you want to support. Please send the pictures to the following address: news@office-antipropaganda.com or send the portraits of political prisoners by fax to Belarusian ministries and embassies.

Dear friends in Berlin, if you want to support the prisoners on the 19th of December, please send us a short note:

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