Exhibition // “Drawing the Court – 2” in support of the May 6 Prisoners at International Memorial, Moscow

The exhibition “Drawing the Court – 2” showcases courtroom sketches of trials that took place in recent years in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus and carried significant social weight. Specifically, we chose to focus on political trials.

The exhibition is comprised of two sections, tentatively titled “agitational” and “historical.” Posters in support of individuals currently being prosecuted are on display in our Great Hall.

The “historical” section is a compilation of original sketches from trials in which the defendants have already been released. We will be displaying sketches from both high-profile trials and others that have flown under the radar, without giving preference to cases that have received media coverage.

While few people are likely to read court reports if the defendants’ names are not immediately recognizable, they may react differently to courtroom sketches. These sketches are not simply a substitute for photography; the artist conveys their relationship to the events and assessment of the situation. Quite frequently, court sketches harmoniously incorporate fragments of court transcripts and author commentary into their renderings of trial participants.

Just recently, a judge handed down guilty verdicts to eight of the May 6 Prisoners. But Russia’s current political trials are not over yet – the cases against Sergei Udaltsov and Leonid Razvozhayev are under way, and hearings for the remaining defendants in the Bolotnaya case are set to begin soon.

All of these people need our attention and support.

An electronic archive with hundreds of sketches drawn by artists over six years of work on this project is available on risuemsud.ru.

Exhibition participants:

Ekaterina Belyavskaya, Ilmira Bolotyan, Radik Vildanov, Viktor Volodarskiy, Svetlana Gofman, Anna Zvyagintseva, Viktor Korb, Andrey Kortovich, Lyubov’ Krutenko, Tamara Krutenko, Olga Lavrenteva, Viktoria Lomasko, Marina Naprushkina, Iya Ozerova, Alexandr Tot, Vlad Tupikin, Anna Shefer

Curators: Victoria Lomasko, Zlata Ponirovskaya

Producer: Natalya Dashevskaya


Radio Svoboda, Colta, Bolshoi Gorod, May 6 Committee

The exhibition will be open on Fridays and Saturdays from March 14-28 2014. Hours of admission are 11:00- 18:00.

The opening will take place on March 14 at 19:00 at: Karetniy Ryad d 5/10, International Memorial.

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