The Convincing Victory: two stories on what really happened, January 2011

Скачать выпуск 1, за январь 2011

Download print version Edition 1 (Russian and English), January 2011

The 16-page newspaper-size novel illustrates the events which happened in Belarus
during 2010 Presidential Elections. This is a story about the elections and, in particular,
of the day and night of December 19th, when the citizens’ peaceful demonstration against
falsified elections was brutally suppressed by the police. The novel presents two views
on the developments in parallel. The first one shows how the events are interpreted by
the state regime and currently widely publicized by state-run newspapers and television.
The other version was assembled from information presented by independent media, which for the most part can exist only in the Internet, i.e. blogs, oppositional websites, users’ comments, testimonies of victims and political activists.

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