Artist Organisations International / Berlin, HAU, 9.–11.1.2015

Initiated by Florian Malzacher, Jonas Staal and Joanna Warsza

“Artist Organisations International (AOI)” 
explores a current shift from temporary, precarious art projects to long-term structures of engagement built by artists. The economic crisis, the global erosion of civil rights through the so-called “War on Terror” and the massive rise of social movements have demanded new models of structural participation from politically engaged artists. The shift from the working model of the project to that of the organisation no longer reduces artistic engagement to the singular figure of the author but expands its scope and influence – for example by creating new forms of educational and community structures, non-parliamentary groups, liberation movements, unions or even political parties. 

The three-day congress “Artist Organisations International” brings together over twenty organisations, founded by artists, confronting the current crises in politics, economy, education, immigration, and ecology. Lectures and discussions will provide concrete insight into their methods, profiles and goals. While some artists primarily use the concept of an organisation or institution as an artistic form (or perhaps as a metaphor) that serves their artistic vision most properly, for others organisational structures are the necessary means to realise specific political objectives. The invited artist organisations operate as actual organisations – and at the same time they are often works of art themselves or use the possibilities of an artwork by stressing categories such as visual literacy of representation and transformation. They all connect – with different emphasis – symbolic practice and structural effect. “Artist Organisations International” introduces an array of those strategies as modes of resistance, emancipation and (self-)governance. By seeking new alliances “Artist Organisations International” aims to contribute to the strengthening of ties and collaboration between different artist organisations worldwide.  

Mazou Touré / Artists Association of Azawad
Chto Delat – School of Engaged Art
Lisa Ito / Concerned Artists of the Philippines (CAP)
Lorenzo Pezzani / Forensic Architecture
Federico Zukerfeld & Loreto Garín / Grupo Etcétera
Gulf Labor
Haben und Brauchen
Lada Nakonechna / HudRada
Tania Bruguera / Immigrant Movement International (IM)
Renzo Martens / Institute for Human Activities (IHA)
Milo Rau / International Institute of Political Murder (IIPM)
Yael Bartana & Susanne Sachsse / 
Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland (JRMiP)
Jan Ritsema / Performing Arts Forum (PAF)
Marina Naprushkina / Office for Anti-Propaganda
Matthijs de Bruijne / Schoon Genoeg!
John Jordan / The Laboratory for Insurrectionary Imagination (labofii)
Ahmet Öğüt / The Silent University
Zentrum für politische Schönheit u.a. 

Ekaterina Degot, Charles Esche, Vincent W.J. van Gerven Oei, Matteo Lucchetti, Marion von Osten, Margarita Tsomou

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