Office for Anti-Propaganda

The Office for Anti-Propaganda was founded by Marina Naprushkina in 2007.  Started as an archive on political propaganda with the focus on Belarus the „The Office for Anti-Propaganda“ drifted to a political platform. In cooperation with activists and cultural makers „Office“ lounges and supports political campaigns, social projects, organizes protest actions, and publishes underground newspapers. The emphasis lies on projects which work outside the white cube and has social and political relevance.

Projects and initiatives: 

Neue Nachbarschaft //Moabit (New neighborhood//Moabit): the neighborhood initiative to support refugees. Started as a single initiative „Neue Nachbarschaft“ grew up to an one of the largest initiative in Berlin. 

Refugees‘ Library
Refugees‘ Library is an archive on courtroom sketches dedicated to asylum and migration politics.

Neue Nachbarschaft//Studio 26

Free school of arts and media. Photography, video production and editing, oil painting, drawing, printmaking, and animated film: You can learn all that and more at Studio 26, from a beginner to a professional level. No previous experience required. Workshops take place every week.

Беларусь//Институт Будущего
(Belarus//The Institute of the Future):
series of lectures and workshops dedicated to politic, art and feminism, held by artists and activists in Minsk, Belarus.

Neue Heimat? Wie Flüchtlinge uns zu besseren Nachbarn machen.
Mit einem Vorwort von Heribert Prantl, 240 Seiten mit zahlreichen Zeichnungen, Klappenbroschur, 13,7 × 21,7 cm
ISBN 978-3-95890-007-3, WG 1973
16,99 € (D) / 17,50 € (A)* 

Newspaper “Self#governing” 
The campaign against police violence in Belarus „Beware, police!“ and the coloring 
book „My daddy is a policeman. What is he doing at work?”
Gedenkbank für die Opfer des belarussischen Regimes 
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