A Job Responsibility. A conversation with Oleg Alkaev

A job responsibility. A conversation with Oleg Alkaev
video, 2012
21 min.

Belarus is the only country in Europe that still executes the death penalty. In the film “A job responsibility” Marina Naprushkina interviews Oleg Alkaev, the former director of the remand center N1 in Minsk of the “death squadron”. The position that he occupied was also connected to the execution of the death penalty. Alkaev describes the procedure of execution, talks of his responsibilities toward the detainees and their families, amongst which there were also several political prisoners. He expresses criticism of the Lukashenko regime and recounts of “murder on demand” of opposition politicians.

Alkaev returns again and again to his personal role in the system and the moral side of his former occupation. He distances himself by stating that the system must be changed and that this is the task of politicians, whereas he himself merely fulfilled the tasks that were given him. He was not to judge whether or not these were just.


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