Banners from the demonstration in Minsk:
Iдзi i глядзi (Belarussian) Come and see
Котлетами закидаю (Russian) I throw cutlets all over youПобедим фашистский патриархат (Russian) Defeat the fascist patriarchyVideos August 2020, 2 min.
Banner-Painting: Каждый день (Russian), Everyday
The protest in Belarus has not stopped a single day since the results of the obviously rigged elections were announced. Rallies, strikes, mutual support and solidarity have already changed the state and its citizens. Everyone‘s surprise and admiration stems from the fact that the protest not only grows, but does not stop for a single day. The  artist Marina Naprushkina, highlights the slogan that describes the situation in Belarus very precisely: „EVERY DAY“. The resistance continues…

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