Unbekannte Künstlerin (Unknown female artist)
Carpet, D-Print
Revising revisited”, 23. Juni 2018,  artistic interventions
(exhibition „Hello World. Revision of a Collection“)
Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin

Marina Naprushkina replaces the carpet at the entrance to the exhibition space with a new one with the words “Unknown female artist.” In this way, she refers to the underrepresentation of female artists in museum exhibitions to this day and questions the prevailing museum structure as such. After all, the museum is shaped by patriarchal thinking; it serves to establish both the power and display of private capital. That museum construct which is based on hierarchy and exclusiveness is not deconstructed at all, and leads to a further commercialization of art works and neocolonial cultural policy.
A distorted image of world art history is created which is presented as given and correct.

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